Great Fire of 1918

"A fire started in the Atwood Hotel after the proprietress left her kerosene lamp burning. It was September and everything was incredibly dry. In addition, there was a terrific offshore breeze and between these two things, up went the town. The only water they had was what they got out of the lake and brought up to the bluff by horse and buggy, so there was no way to put it out." - Jane Cardinal

Over 50 houses, the post-office, 3 hotels, and all stores and businesses in Cross Village burned to the ground on September 28th, 1918, leaving 50 families homeless. Cross Village was already struggling with the decline of lumber industry, and the fire was the final nail in the coffin.

The fire, along with a national influenza outbreak, led many people to leave Cross Village forever. Most of the buildings in town were never rebuilt, and Cross Village was never able to recover from the fire.

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